Israel is a sick, psychotic society that barely holds together. The only thing that brings Israelis together is the feeling that they are under threat and there’s nothing that generates that more than a good war. Israel needs war and it needs enemies to keep it going. What we are seeing in Gaza is not war. This is a massacre.
There is no point in negotiations. There is no one to talk to. Israeli society is not sane. It has to be forced to stop. The occupation must end. Unless the world forces Israel to end the occupation something like what is happening in Gaza now was bound to happen.
As a former Israeli, I say Israel does not have a moral or political right to exist as an ethnically pure Jewish state, certainly not at the expense of another people. The world has been too patient at the cost of so many Palestinian lives, complicit in buying into the Israeli ‘poor me’ rhetoric.
There is no symmetry between Israel and the Palestinians no matter how you twist the facts. Israel is an armed, unscrupulous and dangerous country with nuclear capabilities and a psychotic and perpetual need for war. The Palestinians are a people fighting desperately for freedom from oppression, but they will not win this freedom for struggle without our help. We must expand the protest until the world imposes a decisive economic and political boycott on the rogue, racist and genocidal state of Israel.
Avigail Abarbanel (via momo33me)