The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to the art.
― Junot Diaz (via futurepharaohs)
匿名: If you were asked to lead women in your country what position would you choose to reach your generation and the younger generation?



I want women to reach a position where they can completely depend on themselves .. Where a male guardian plays no role in the decision making other than a friendly opinion when asked ..

I want young women to outgrow the obsession that getting married and finding a husband and having a child is the most important goal in her life ..

It is a noble goal but it’s not the most important ..

I want young women to aspire to be the best! To realize their dreams and dwell into fields that are monopolized by men !

I want woman not to fear judgement by others because she works in a mixed environment or has to deal with men on daily basis ..

I want women to wear what they want, when they want to without the dread of being harassed and labeled dishonorable !!

I want woman to have the choice ..

A choice to drive ..

A choice to travel ..

A choice to have a business ..

A choice to go to work..

A choice to live freely as men do ..

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