We are living in an age of great upheaval. We are living in an age of violence and revolution. We are living in an age where the angry cry of ‘freedom’ rises from every corner as the slave rises to challenge the enslaver. Yes, we see mighty racist America quiver from the impact of a terrifying shockwave of freedom.

Yes, Los Angeles is a warning to oppressive racist beasts that they can no longer enjoy immunity from retribution for their brutal crimes of violence and oppression of our people. Let them be apprised of the fact that we are going to have justice or set the torch to racist America. The masses of people want relief from their misery. They want freedom and justice and they want it now.

Unemployment is greater than before. The Afro-American is still the last to be hired and the first to be fired. The Afro-American’s head is still the number 1 target of the brutal thug cop’s billy club. The Afro-American is still the number 1 victim of racist kangaroo court frame-ups. Our homes and churches are still being bombed and burned to the ground.

We must protect ourselves. We must defend ourselves. We must meet violence with violence. Racist and imperialist America has extended herself too much on the world front. She cannot fight imperialist wars throughout the world and put down a colonial war at home simultaneously.

My brothers and sisters, the only justice we are going to get is the justice we take. Times are critical. We are facing a future where endless streets shall become like rivers of blood. Let us be prepared to fight to the death. Let it be known to the world that we shall meet their sophisticated weapons of violence with the crude and simple flame of a match. Let us resist tyranny to the death.

Resist! Resist! Resist! Burn! Burn! Burn!

Death to the oppressor! Down with the thug cops!

To the streets, and let our battle cry be heard around the world:

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom now, or death!

Robert F. Williams

"The Age Of Revolution And Urban Rebellion" speech is taken from one of his broadcasts on his radio show "Radio Free Dixie". At the time it was 1965 and he was in political exile in Cuba.

This was a reaction to certain events from 1965 such as the assassination of Malcolm X, increasing poverty, police brutality, the Los Angeles, Watts Rebellion, and the disproportionate number of soldiers of color dying in Vietnam.

(via disciplesofmalcolm)